3 Chairs Counselling

Whenever we meet there is a third presence. Imagine a presence so loving, so kind and so wise, who is pleased to be with you, understands you and can help. If your faith is such that you believe in such a presence it would be my joy to support you to sense and interact with that presence as a normal part of counselling, or simply as we share journeys together.

Why Immanuel Focused Therapy?

Having someone to be with you so you can share about life and the challenges you encounter is important. Aside from clarifying what you need and want and working out how to get there, connecting with an emotionally attuned person gives a sense of feeling seen, a sense of feeling heard, that someone is with you and a growing sense that something can be done to make things better. Experience shows that when we enter such an attuned state with another the movement from there to sensing and then being able to interact with God, who is with us, is often not a big step. Immanuel Focused Therapy moves beyond conventional therapy to embracing the third presence – Immanuel – God in our midst.

Michael Schaefer

Michael is an Australian based psychotherapist with over two decades of experience in combining “inner healing” with psychotherapy: the practical overlap between neuropsychology and spirituality. He meets clients both online and face to face in his private practice based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  He sees a wide range of clients and has a commitment to providing professional supervision to front line workers including to chaplains and ministers. He coined the name Immanuel Focused Therapy to capture the central expertise that is the foundation of his work.  Along the way he has picked up qualifications including a Masters Degree and Graduate Diploma in Christian Counselling plus a Degree and a Graduate Diploma in Theology.