Purpose: Provide a safe, supportive space with an experienced trainer to address the particular challenges and questions that arise while facilitating Immanuel Approach sessions.

Group Size: 6 participants
Meeting Length: One hour
Frequency: Weekly for 6 weeks

Description: This online consultation group is designed to provide a safe and supportive space with a highly experienced Immanuel Approach trainer to address the particular challenges and questions that arise while facilitating Immanuel Approach sessions. The short, flexible format is an ideal adjunct for those with basic training in the Immanuel Approach who would like additional support and feedback as they hone their skill and confidence as facilitators. Groups will include: a brief check in, time for question and answer, and brief demonstrations by the trainer to provide simple modeling of various aspects of a session. Content may range from addressing challenges in particular cases, stuck points one doesn’t know how to navigate as a facilitator, and addressing questions regarding how to ethically and helpfully integrate this kind of faith based approach into a professional practice. The importance of confidentiality and responsibility will be laid out from the beginning to help create a safe, supportive environment. Note that due to the brief one hour time slot there will not be enough time for people to break into small groups and practice the skills directly. For those who would like a more in depth training group combining teaching, modeling, personal practice in triads and debrief time all lead by highly experienced trainers there are 6 week Basic and Intermediate Immanuel Approach Training Groups that run for two hours each session accessible through Andy Ross and Michael Schaefer’s training website at https://immanuelfocusedtraining.com/.

About the Facilitator: Andy Ross is a Professional Counselor in Illinois. He was trained and mentored directly by Dr. Karl Lehman the primary developer of the Immanuel Approach and has been using the Immanuel Approach since 2007. Andy has been incorporating the Immanuel Approach heavily into his clinical practice since 2014 along with variety of other strengths based and trauma informed approaches such as EMDR. Andy has facilitated around two thousand Immanuel sessions and has lead many training events both in the US and in Kenya which happens to be his childhood home. Andy’s warm, relaxed presence, combined with his ability to integrate faith and healing/growth help create a safe, life giving, and transformative environment in the groups he leads. Feel free to contact Andy directly.