Our Team

Michael Schaefer

Michael is a professional counsellor who lives in Brisbane Queensland, Australia. For quite some time he has been leading clients into an interactive connection with Immanuel: initially because he found it is so clinically significant. For more information on his training and experience see his LinkedIn Profile below.

Andy Ross

Andy lives next to lake Michigan in North America. He grew up in Africa and some believe that is why he is so good at calming people before he turns their attention to the God who is with us. He is a licenced professional Counselor in Illinois. You can find out more about the approaches he uses on his website: https://andyrosscounseling.com/approaches/

We Love
What We Do

Those who experience connecting relationally with Immanuel – God who is with us – benefit in so many ways. They are strengthened, become clearer about their purpose on the planet, experience love, acceptance, peace and healing. And they become nicer to live with. Our passion is to develop your skills so you can confidently lead others into an interactive connection with Immanuel on a normal basis.  We do this in a relational group format mostly online. 

Some Elders and Pioneers we Honor