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New workshop series, training groups and practise groups are launched on a regular basis. Training and practise groups can be organised and tailored specifically to meet the needs of your organisation, church, community or practice group. Individuals and friends are welcome to join open groups and the other events posted here. Below are previous events:

Live Demonstration Training Group

Sep 13-Nov 1 from 9-10:30 am US Central Time (2022)

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Integrating Immanuel Approach in Professional Practice (Monthly Group)

Fall Semester: Sept 9 – Jan 13
Spring Semester: Feb 10 -June 9

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(Below Are Previous Groups to be Repeated in Future:)

Basic Immanuel Approach Skills Development Training Group:
Six weeks in a row from July 20/21 to August 24/25

This group will meet for 2.25 hrs per week for six weeks to learn and practice the skills needed to lead people in the Immanuel Approach. It will be limited to 5-6 participants plus the facilitator. It is intended for those who have not taken part in one of these groups before and for those who want more practice in facilitating the Immanuel Approach. For more detail see Basic Skills Development Groups

Collaborating with Michael as a trainer has turned on so many light bulbs for me about the why, what, how, and how else of guiding people into an interactive connection with God.

Dates & times:
USA: Wednesdays 3:30-5:30 pm Central, July 20 – August 24
Australia: Thursdays Bris/Mel/Syd 6.30am-8.30 AEST, July 21-August 25
New Zealand 8.30-10:30am, July 21- August 25th

Michael has a unique gift for weaving together complex brain science, extensive experience with the field of inner healing, and a sensitivity to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

Practice Group: Basic Level

This is a practice group for those who have basic training in the Immanuel Approach. It meets every second week for six sessions.
Dates: June 22/23, July 6/7, 20/21, Aug 3/4, 17/18 & Aug 30/Sept 1.
Times: USA Wed 6:30-8pm Pacific, 8.30-10pm Central | Australia: Thursdays Bris/Mel/Syd 11.30am-1pm AEST | Perth 9.30-11am| NZ 1.30-3pm
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Gathering: Connect and Regroup

June 16: 11:30am-1pm Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne AEST |9:30-11 am Perth
US Equivalent: June 15, 6:30-8pm Pacific time| 8.30-10pm Central Time


The purpose of this gathering is to give those who have trained in the Immanuel Approach a chance to reconnect with each other, meet others who trained in different groups and after appropriate getting to know each other lead each other into connecting and interacting with Immanuel. Over the years some who have done our training have found a group they can practice with while others are still moving towards that. This gathering is also for those who simply want a space to rest and connect with each other and with God. More information…

Monthly Open Immanuel Community Gatherings


Gatherings are Scheduled Jan-May 2022. Click here or below to see exact dates.


Many of our workshops are based around particular themes, teachings, and goals while also including time for connecting with each other and with Immanuel (The God who is with us). These “Gatherings” are designed to open up even more time and space for connecting by not having a particular focus other than life giving connection with one another and with God. For the rest of 2021 however, we do have a theme – “Resting with God.” See More.

Cost: There will not be a cost to come, but gift contributions will be welcomed upon registration to help cover our time and effort to organize and facilitate these gatherings.

Basic Immanuel Approach Skills Development Training Group: November 5/6 – Dec 10/11 2021

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Dates & times:

Advanced Intermediate Immanuel Skills Development Group

Dates: to be announced

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