Brief Description

The Immanuel Approach Intermediate Skills Development Group is designed for people who have basic experience facilitating Immanuel Approach sessions to deepen and broaden their skills and capacity through live practice and debrief with an experienced trainer and fellow group members. The trainer for this group is Michael Schaefer and all participants will be proficient in the basics of facilitating a session


Completion of our 6 week Immanuel Approach Basic Skills Development Group and moderate practice since completion of that group OR some formal training/ learning in the Immanuel Approach and experience facilitating 25 or more sessions.

Upcoming groups:
An advanced Intermediate Group will launch Sunday 3.30 – 6.00 PM Feb 7th US Central time, which corresponds to Monday 7.30 – 10.00 AM Feb 8th Brisbane Australian time (8.30 AM Melbourne and Sydney) It runs for six consecutive weeks Feb 7- March 14 in the US which is Feb 8 – March 15 in Australia. Each session will be 2.25-2.5 hours long.

Fuller Description of Group

This group is designed for people who have a basic understanding how to facilitate Immanuel Approach sessions but want a place to practice and receive feedback in a safe setting. We’ve found it is really important to have such a space to try out new skills, keep mastering what you have already learned, make mistakes (which is a critical part of learning), and get feedback from trainers and peers. Each week we will provide some teaching between or before the group but we’ve found most of the learning that really sticks comes through practicing and debriefing the questions that arise naturally as people run into challenges or experiment with different possible choices they can make as a facilitator. The skills you will practice are grounded primarily in the theory of the Immanuel Approach for Emotional healing developed by Dr Karl Lehman and Dr James Wilder. 


This two hour online group meets weekly for 6 weeks. It will be facilitated by Michael Schaefer and draw on the experience of all participants in the group. Participants are limited to 7 (including Michael) from anywhere in the world who gather to learn, connect, practice skills, get feedback, and grow. We use the Zoom video conferencing platform which allows us to move back and forth between meeting as a whole group and breaking out into small groups. Most skills will be practiced in small groups and much of the debriefing and teaching will be done as a whole group. 


Cost in US Dollars
$210 USD Subsidized Rate
$250 USD Full Rate
$290 USD Sponsor’s rate (Full rate plus helps cover one subsidy)

For Australian Residents
$295 AUD Subsidized Rate
$345 AUD  Full Rate
$395  AUD Sponsor’s rate (Full rate plus helps cover one subsidy)

Note about Cost:
It has taken a massive amount of time and effort to organize these groups and have the experience and expertise to lead them well. Yet we want the cost to be within reach for everyone who feels called to join.  So we have created three rates for people to choose from based on what they are able to afford. We trust people to make their own choice about what pay scale they choose. If those who can truly afford a higher rate are willing to pay for it that makes it easier for us to cover for those who need the subsidized rate. 

Application to join

Given this is a relational learning group participants need to be able to do well in that context. We plan this group well in advance and generally close registrations a week before the group commences. We only take 6 registrations for the group. Note that an application does not guarantee a place due to the need to ensure everyone is adequately prepared and trained to participate in this higher level group.