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Michael Schaefer: Michael is the founder of Immanuel Focused Training. He is an Australian  psychotherapist and trainer with over two decades of experience in combining inner healing with psychotherapy. He is trained in a wide range of approaches and has an ability to see how different models overlap and complement each other. Michael has a gift for creating training that is carefully designed to build layer upon layer with a foundation in skills mastery leading to proficiency in leading people through processes and finally he teaches essential concepts needed to conceptualize what is happening in healing processes and what may be missing when outcomes are poor. Participants in Michael’s courses enjoy his relational style, how he creates a safe environment and the chance to be interact in an emotionally authentic way. He operates a private practice in Brisbane Australia – 3 Chairs Counselling – and sees clients online from around the world. His qualifications include a Masters Degree and Graduate Diploma in Christian Counselling plus a Degree and a Graduate Diploma in Theology.  

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Andy Ross: Andy Ross is a Professional Counselor in Illinois. He was trained directly by Dr. Karl Lehman the primary developer of the Immanuel Approach. Andy has facilitated around two thousand Immanuel sessions since starting in 2007 and has lead or co-lead nearly a dozen training events both in the US and in Kenya. In his professional work Andy also incorporates a variety of other approaches including EMDR and attachment informed approaches.

Primary Practice Location:

Andrew Ross LCPC
Restoration Care and Counseling LLC
1557 Sherman Ave Suite 5 Evanston, IL 60201

Phone: 847.650.5195

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