Further Thoughts About Video Recordings.

One of our dreams is to create safe, experiential, interactive training videos so that lots of people can be blessed by these trainings and practice them with their friends simply by watching the video together. The vision as usual is to help people learn better ways to connect with one another and with God, and ways to move from simply talking about God to interacting with God and experiencing God’s living presence as much as possible. The best way to capture a meaningful recording is to do it live, both because it is sincere, and because people in the group always add way more to the content and experience than we could alone. For this reason, we may choose to record teaching portions of certain workshops or trainings we facilitate. Typically only the person speaking in the full group sections of the workshop will appear on the recording.  Break out practice groups will not be recorded. Note that nothing will be publicly shared until we have edited the video which will probably take a minimum of 5 days but often longer. If you do not want your face or some or all of what you’ve shared to be included in the final version of the video, simply contact us within 5 days of the workshop or as soon as you can and we can make sure your wishes are granted on the final version. Here is a link to contact us.

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