Basic Practice Group

The four roles we practice:

This is a practice group for those who have basic training in the Immanuel Approach. It meets every second week:
Initially we consolidate practicing the four positions:

  • being part of a group. Amongst other things this includes; being present to the group, settling yourself, doing what you do to connect with God, co-creating with the group an atmosphere in which participants are able to sense and interreact with God, non verbally appreciate what is happening for others. There is so much to learn about participation in a group: we are blessed to have present so many who are really excellent at this.
  • Create and shepherd a space where those who facilitated the Immanuel Approach and those who received can debrief what happened and explore the experience: that is, take the role of observer of a ministry session then lead the debrief.
  • Facilitate an Immanuel session.
  • Ministry recipient: be led through an Immanuel session

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