PEACE: Foundation Series Workshop 4

Brief Overview:

This interactive online workshop is one in our series of 8 workshops called Foundations For Connecting With God which explore key elements/foundations that seem to help people more easily perceive and interact with God’s presence. This workshop will combine a mixture of conversation, teaching, and experiential learning. All exercises are optional. Please see additional reading and information about this workshop below.


Group Guidelines:

  1. Everything is optional: to promote a sense of safety all exercises are optional and voluntary.
  2. Respect confidentiality: unless someone is in danger of harm we ask group members to hold personal sharing by others confidential.
  3. Lean in lean out: If you tend to talk a lot, try to hold space for those who are more quiet, and if you tend to be more quiet you may try to share a little more.
  4. Please be caring: People tend to do really well with this one.

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