PEACE: Foundation Series Workshop 4

Brief Overview:

This interactive online workshop is one in our series of 8 workshops called Foundations For Connecting With God which explore key elements/foundations that seem to help people more easily perceive and interact with God’s presence. This workshop will combine a mixture of conversation, teaching, and experiential learning. All exercises are optional. Please see additional reading and information about this workshop below.


Group Guidelines:

Below are a few guidelines to help the group feel as safe and connected as possible. Each person’s presence really matters in the group and these are some things that can help us all care for each other and be present to each other.

  1. Everything is optional: to promote a sense of safety all exercises are optional and voluntary.
  2. Respect confidentiality: unless someone is in danger of harm, or you have been given permission by the person to share, we ask group members to keep personal sharing by others confidential.
  3. Lean in lean out: If you tend to talk a lot, try to hold space for those who are more quiet, and if you tend to be more quiet you may try to lean in and share a little more. Try if possible to listen to your gut sense about what the Holy Spirit may is encouraging you to share or keep within your own heart.
  4. Please be caring: People tend to do really well with this one.
  5. Please call in from a private room/space where other people will not be listening in or walking by as this can feel uncomfortable for other participants who may be sharing vulnerable things.
  6. Please don’t drive while on the call.

Over time our workshops have developed a solid culture of welcome, safety, connection, and freedom to flow with God’s Spirit. Our main expectations are simply that we be caring toward one another, create space for one another, and remain open to what God’s Spirit is doing. We look forward to the honor of your presence.

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