Gathering: Connect and Regroup

Upcoming Dates:

June 16: 11:30am-1pm Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne Time AEST
Equivalent June 16, 9:30-11 am Perth
Equivalent June 15, 6:30-8pm US Pacific time| 8.30-10pm Central Time


The purpose of this gathering is to give those who have trained in the Immanuel Approach a chance to reconnect with each other, meet others who trained in different groups and after appropriate getting to know each other lead each other into connecting and interacting with Immanuel. Over the years some who have done our training have found a group they can practice with while others are still moving towards that. This gathering is also for those who simply want a space to rest and connect with each other and with God.

Logistical Details:

Format: The gathering will involve a combination of time together as a large group and breaking into small groups usually of 3 people, yet sometimes 4 depending on numbers and what we are trying to achieve. Smaller groups are used to facilitate easier and quicker connection amongst participants and they are allocated on a random basis. Small groups then decide how they want to use their time together: let’s say they co-create their agenda with Immanuel.

Four Roles we practice:

Initially we are practicing

  • being part of a group. Amongst other things this includes; being present to the group, settling yourself, doing what you do to connect with God, co-creating with the group an atmosphere in which participants are able to sense and interreact with God, non verbally appreciate what is happening for others. There is so much to learn about participation in a group: we are blessed to have present so many who are really excellent at this.
  • Create and shepherd a space where those who facilitated and those who received can debrief what happened and explore it a bit: that is, take the role of observer of a ministry session then lead the debrief.
  • Facilitate an Immanuel session.
  • Ministry recipient: be led through an Immanuel session

Participation: If you are familiar with the culture of these gatherings and wish to invite an appropriate friend you are most welcome. 

Cost: There will not be a cost to come, but gift contributions will be welcomed upon registration to help cover our time and effort to organize and facilitate these gatherings.

Group Guidelines:

  1. Everything is optional: to promote a sense of safety all exercises are optional and voluntary.
  2. Respect confidentiality: unless someone is in danger of harm, or you have been given permission by the person to share, we ask group members to hold personal sharing by others confidential.
  3. Lean in lean out: If you tend to talk a lot, try to hold space for those who are more quiet, and if you tend to be more quiet you may try to lean in and share a little more.
  4. Please be caring: People tend to do really well with this one.

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