Integrating Immanuel Approach in Professional Practice

Description: This monthly, ongoing group is created to provide a space for mental health professional who want to integrate the Immanuel Approach and listening/interactive prayer type models into their clinical practice. This is a space where professionals can explore a range of ethical, legal, and clinical considerations that tend to go beyond scope of what ordinary prayer ministry facilitators may need to understand or discuss. Andrew Ross will offer his insights and experience as he has heavily integrated the Immanuel Approach into his clinical work since 2014, yet there will no doubt be a significant amount of wisdom and experience from the rest of the members of the group. There will be space for group members to share their questions both related to logistical and administrative challenges as well as related to practically applying Immanuel Approach related interventions in their clinical work with clients. All case based questions will be expected to be shared in a way that does not present any identifying information. An additional hope for this group is that it could lead to the development of meaningful friendships and relationships of mutual support for one another in the difficult, often lonely, yet very important healing work we do.

Format: Group will meet for 90 minutes monthly and will have two semesters each year. The fall semester will run for 5 months from August-December, we will skip January, and the spring semester will run for 5 months from February-June. Participants can sign up for one or both semesters at a time. If a group member leaves, someone on the waiting list will be invited to take their place. Group size will be limited to 7 people plus the facilitator.

Cost: $275

Prerequisites: Participants must be either current or retired helping professionals, or in training to become a licensed professional. The group will probably consist mostly of various mental health professionals but may also include other types of helping professionals such as nurses, doctors, chaplains, etc who are held to certain ethical and legal standards.

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