People Before Process in Our Prayer Ministry


February 16, 2:30-4:00pm Central US Time (Chicago time)
This will be February 17, 6:30-8:00am East Australia Time (Brisbane time)


Learning a process such as the Immanuel Approach can be extremely helpful because it provides a learnable, fairly reliable, repeatable way to help people move from little awareness of God’s presence/guidance to a stronger awareness of God’s presence/guidance. It is important, however, especially if we are facilitators and prayer ministers, not to elevate the process above the person we are meeting with. In other words, if the person we are praying with becomes secondary in our mind to the goal of getting them through the process, then we are going to have some problems. Join us for this workshop to explore more about both the benefits and the dangers of seeing the Immanuel Approach or any form of prayer/inner healing ministry as a process, as well as exploring how to see/value the children of God we have the honor to meet with in the way that God sees/values them. If you are up for it, the reading for the Foundation of Love workshop that Andy Ross recently taught would be a helpful resource in preparation for this workshop. Click here to read.


Format: These 90 minute workshops combine both full group teaching and debrief with smaller break out groups of 3 or 4 people for conversation and experiential learning.

Cost: Free/Suggested voluntary donation of $15-$30 per workshop. Please feel no obligation to give but if you would like to make a contribution your gifts are very helpful for covering the significant amount of time and resources it takes to create, organize and run these workshops. You will see an option to make a gift when you register or you can always access the donate page. Please note that to comply with tax codes contributions are not tax deductible.

Prerequisites: No previous experience necessary. It may be helpful look over the material in the Foundations for Connecting With God Series but this is not required. Please invite your friends.

Recording: Note that we record teaching and full group discussion portions of some of our workshop to use as training resources for people who were not able to attend the workshop. Break out rooms will not be recorded. You can always email or contact us the workshop trainer and ask us to remove you or any comments you want removed from the edited version of the training video.