Basic Immanuel Approach Skills Development Training Group: April 18/19 to May 23/24 2022

This group will meet for 2.25 hrs per week for six consecutive weeks to learn and practice the skills needed to lead people in the Immanuel Approach. It will be limited to 5-6 participants plus the facilitator. It is intended for those who have not taken part in one of these groups before. For more detail see Basic Skills Development Groups

Collaborating with Michael as a trainer has turned on so many light bulbs for me about the why, what, how, and how else of guiding people into an interactive connection with God.

Dates & times

Australian Time: Tuesdays April 19 – May 24th 10.00 AM-12:15 PM Brisbane (AEST) | Perth 8:00-10:15 AM

USA Equiv: Mondays April 18 – May 23rd 8:00-10:15 PM Eastern Time | 5:00-7:15 PM Pacific Time

Michael has a unique gift for weaving together complex brain science, extensive experience with the field of inner healing, and a sensitivity to the movement of the Holy Sprit.

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