Resting With God (6 Week Group)

6 week intermediate level practice and training group.


Aug 3, 3-4:30pm US Central Time. (Converts to Aug 4, 6-7:30am East Australia Time)
Aug 17, 3-4:30pm US Central Time. (Equivalent Aug 18, 6-7:30am East Australia Time)
Aug 31, 3-4:30pm US Central Time. (Equivalent Sep 1, 6-7:30am East Australia Time)
Sep 14, 3-4:30pm US Central Time. (Equivalent Sep 15, 6-7:30am East Australia Time)
Sep 28, 3-4:30pm US Central Time. (Equivalent Sep 29, 6-7:30am East Australia Time)
Oct 12, 3-4:30pm US Central Time. (Equivalent Oct 13, 6-7:30am East Australia Time)


The purpose of this workshop is extremely simple: to rest together in God’s presence with minimal agendas and allow the Lord to move among us and within us. The ability to hold the space for this kind of restful spontaneous connection with God in a group setting actually requires a fair amount of maturity, skill, and intentionality. This is an intermediate level group and we are currently limiting the group to people who have adequate experience to participate. For those who are at a more foundational level we encourage starting with Michael Schaefer’s 6 week groups and with the regular workshops offered by Andy Ross or Michael.


We request participants to have attended at least three of our workshops or at least one of our 6 week groups, and to have the capacity to stay for a long period in a right hemisphere dominant state of listening and tracking with the ways the Lord is moving versus a left hemisphere dominant state of analyzing and seeking to figure things out logically.

Cost in USA and Australia:

Cost in US dollars:
Standard Rate: $220
Subsidized Rate:                 $180
Generous Sponsor’s Rate: $260 (Full rate plus covers one subsidy)

Cost in Australian dollars: (for Australian Residents)

Standard rate: $295
Subsidized Rate:                   $240
Generous Sponsor’s Rate:    $350 (Full rate plus one subsidy)

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