Approaching Immanuel Workshop (Sep 21, Oct 5 2020)

September 21, 2020 10-11:30am US Central Time
October 5, 2020 10-11:30am US Central Time

Basic Details

Brief Description: This one time workshop is created to teach participants very concrete skills to help move a person from sharing their story with you into an interactive connection with God. It is designed to build a little bit further upon the learning from the Passing the Peace Workshop but it is not necessary to have previous experience with one of our workshops in order to attend this one. If you would like to experience the Passing the Peace Workshop ahead of time you can follow a video that guides you through the exercise here. This workshop will also give you a taste of what our six week training groups are like.

Logistical Details:

Facilitator: Andy Ross

Format: Workshops combine both full group teaching and debrief and smaller break out groups of 3 or 4 people for practice times. Each workshop will be 90 minutes for the content and exercises with an optional additional 30 minutes at the end for sharing stories and reflecting on our experiences from the exercises.

Participants can register for one, multiple, or all sessions.

Cost: Free/Suggested $15-30 voluntary donation per workshop. There is no obligation to give though contributions are greatly appreciated and help free up our time to do these workshops, create training material, and subsidize training groups for those who can’t afford the normal rates. You will see an option to make a gift when you register or you can always access the donate page.

Prerequisites: No previous experience needed. Please invite your friends.

Recording: Note that we record teaching and full group discussion portions of some of our workshop to use as training resources for people who were not able to attend the workshop. Break out rooms will not be recorded. Please email or contact us within a week of the workshop if you would like us to remove you or any comments you want removed from the edited version of the training video. Click here if you would like to read more about our thoughts and practices regarding recordings.

Additional Details

Skills this Workshop Focuses On:

  • Convey your genuine interest in hearing another person’s story
  • Assist a person to be able to share with you a personal “God Story” or appreciation story.
  • Help a person feel appreciation for the significance of various aspects of their story.
  • Support person to notice and focus on God’s presence and guidance including the perception of  God’s presence from visual to a felt sense, to a spontaneous thought.
  • Coach person to share subtle thoughts and feelings out loud which neurologically allows their brain to recognize there significance more clearly.

Summary: Essentially this is an experiential introduction to learn how to lead others into an interactive connection with Immanuel, the God who is with us. This is the starting point to be able to support/ coach people to maintain an interactive connection and watch Immanuel bless, build their capacity, remove blocks in their hearts to their relationship with him, strengthen their identity and bring emotional healing.

Foundation for Further Learning: This workshop focuses on foundational skills such as creating safety, attunement, appreciation, bringing awareness to God’s presence and establishing an interactive connection with Immanuel. It is a brief introduction to the material. For more in depth training we recommend applying for the 6 week Immanuel Approach Basic Skills Development Group. It is best to master these skills before taking more advanced training to proceed to the stage of interacting with God for the purpose of processing negative memories which contain incomplete learnings and charged feeling states that when triggered tend to limit one’s ability to love God, others and self. These skills are taught in intermediate and advanced groups.