Passing the Peace Workshops

Upcoming Passing the Peace Workshop Dates:

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Description: Like all of our workshops, this one is really about helping people connect with each other and connect with God. We will practice a really simple exercise based on Dr Jim Wilder’s Passing the Peace exercise.* The exercise is simple enough that participants will probably be able to start using it right away in their own lives, ministry, and conversations with others. If you are new to the Immanuel Approach, this workshop is a simple, safe place to get started with it. If you are experienced with Immanuel Approach, this may be a great way to learn how to introduce other individuals and groups to interactive forms of prayer and to the Immanuel Approach.

Watch a Video of This Workshop

(This video is designed for groups or individuals who want to to follow along and do the actual Passing the Peace Exercise. It was recorded with permission at one of our workshops. We recommend three to four people as the ideal number for the break out group exercises.)

Additional Workshop Description: Passing the Peace developed by Dr Jim Wilder is arguably the simplest version of the Immanuel Approach. Dr Wilder has boiled this version down to three main steps. I have slightly modified his version of the steps to the following:

1) Sharing a time when you felt peaceful.

2) Asking what God would like you to know right now that will give you more peace.

3) Sharing what God showed you or what effect it had on you.

To my knowledge Passing the Peace has been used safely with large groups in multiple diverse cultures and countries around the world. We have also found that incorporating Passing the Peace in individual and group settings has been working remarkably well. This workshop will offer an opportunity for people to experience a simple introduction and practice with this variation of the Passing the Peace exercise.

We welcome people to come to one or multiple or even all four of these workshops if you would like. Each time you practice it will get more natural and each experience will be so unique because of the different memories and thoughts God brings through and the different people you may meet. Come one come all!

Logistical Details:

Facilitator: Andy Ross

Format: Workshops combine both full group teaching and debrief and smaller break out groups of 3 or 4 people for practice times. Each workshop will be 90 minutes for the content and exercises with an optional additional 30 minutes at the end for sharing stories and reflecting on our experiences from the exercises.

Participants can register for one, multiple, or all sessions.

Cost: Free/Suggested $15-30 voluntary donation per workshop. There is no obligation to give though contributions are greatly appreciated and help free up our time to do these workshops, create training material, and subsidize training groups for those who can’t afford the normal rates. You will see an option to make a gift when you register or you can always access the donate page.

Prerequisites: No previous experience needed. Please invite your friends.

Recording: Note that we record teaching and full group discussion portions of some of our workshop to use as training resources for people who were not able to attend the workshop. Break out rooms will not be recorded. Please email or contact us within a week of the workshop if you would like us to remove you or any comments you want removed from the edited version of the training video. Click here if you would like to read more about our thoughts and practices regarding recordings.

*Note we have made some minor modifications to what is in Dr Wilder’s Passing the Peace booklet based no what we are finding works well in our online workshops but the basic concept and reasoning for this exercise we learned from Dr. Wilder.