Basic Immanuel Approach Skills Development Training Group: Six weeks in a row from July 20/21 to August 24/25

This group will meet for 2.25 hrs per week for six weeks to learn and practice the skills needed to lead people in the Immanuel Approach. It will be limited to 5-6 participants plus the facilitator. It is intended for those who have not taken part in one of these groups before and for those who want more practice in facilitating the Immanuel Approach. For more detail see Basic Skills Development Groups

Dates & times:
USA: Wednesdays 3:30-5:30 pm Central, July 20 – August 24
Australia: Thursdays Bris/Mel/Syd 6.30am-8.30 AEST, July 21-August 25
New Zealand 8.30-10:30am, July 21- August 25th

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