Intermediate Group Feb 17/18 – March 23/24

This Basic/Intermediate group is launching on Monday Feb 17th 3-5 PM Central time in the US which corresponds to Tuesday 18th 7-9 am Brisbane or 8-10 am Melbourne/Sydney. This group will be predominantly intermediate level so is suited to those who have previous training.

Daylight savings starts in the US on March 8th so the first three sessions of this group will be run Monday 3-5 PM Central time then the next three sessions will run 4-6 pm Central Daylight Time.

In Australia this translates to 7-9 am Tuesday morning in Brisbane and 8-10 am in Melbourne and Sydney for the duration of the course.

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  1. Patricia Hutchinson

    Hi Michael, thank u for keeping me ‘in the loop’
    Hi Michael. When I first read the info I thought the times for Melbourne were 6-8am – meaning that I would be able to participate however now the times are later. Blessings

  2. Schaefer

    Hi Patricia, Good to hear from you. I got my time zone adjustment wrong! When it was graciously pointed out I promptly corrected the mistake. Of course you are ahead of Queensland not behind. Others have said a 6 -8 am group would suit them as well. However, that corresponds to 5-7 am for Queensland. How about when your daylight savings is over we get a 6-8 AM group going then? Say April 21st or April 22nd? Let me know what you think. Blessings Michael

    Ps. In the mean time we have some good workshops coming up on Friday mornings 7 am Brisbane time, 3 PM Thursdays US Central time.

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