Live Demonstration Training Group

Live Demonstration Training Group

Sep 13-Nov 1 from 9-10:30 am US Central Time (2022)

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This 8 week group is designed to provide modeling on how to facilitate Immanuel Approach sessions by an experienced facilitator. Participants will each have the opportunity to receive an Immanuel Approach session from the group facilitator and to watch other group members receive Immanuel Approach prayer ministry sessions. The first session will be a time to simply get to know the other group members and the last session will be a time to close and debrief together. The six middle sessions will be used for each of the six group members to have a 45-50 minute prayer ministry session with time for debrief afterward. For those who would prefer to practice facilitating sessions themselves, please consider the basic and intermediate training and practice groups offered on this website. Even though emotional healing and personal growth may result from this training, this group is designed for education and training purposes and is not to be considered a therapy or professional counseling group.


Weekly Tuesday mornings Aug 16-Oct 4 from 9:00am-10:30am US Central Time

Exact Dates:
Sep 6, 9am-10:30am US Central Time
Sep 13, 9am-10:30am US Central Time
Sep 20, 9am-10:30am US Central Time
Sep 27, 9am-10:30am US Central Time
Oct 4, 9am-10:30am US Central Time
Oct 11, 9am-10:30am US Central Time
Oct 18, 9am-10:30am US Central Time
Oct 25, 9am-10:30am US Central Time

Prerequisites: We request that participants have some basic knowledge or experience with the Immanuel Approach either from participating in several of our workshops, watching Andy Ross’s Introduction to the Immanuel Approach Video. Participants must also be able to respect the privacy and

Format: Group will consist of 6 members who meet for 8 sessions of 90 minutes each. The first and last session will be introduction and closing, and the other sessions will be outlined as follows: 15 mins follow up on previous session, 45 minutes of Immanuel Approach ministry for one participant, 30 minutes to debrief the session and come to closure for the day.

Cost: Cost is graduated based on ability to pay.
$390 Professional Rate
$360 Standard Rate
$330 Subsidized Rate


Below are a few guidelines to help the group feel as safe and connected as possible. Each person’s presence really matters in the group and these are some things that can help us all care for each other and be present to each other.

  1. Everything is optional: to promote a sense of safety all exercises are optional and voluntary. Ideally participants will feel safe and ready to receive a ministry session, but if you get to your turn and really do not feel ready to receive ministry, other options such as receiving consultation or doing a group Immanuel Approach exercise can be offered.
  2. Respect confidentiality: unless someone is in danger of harm, or you have been given permission by the person who shared or received ministry, we ask group members to keep the personal sharing by other group members confidential.
  3. Be respectful of other’s prayer ministry time: For the purposes of this group, it will generally work best for all other group members to maintain a quiet, attuned, supportive, prayerful presence as the designated person receives prayer ministry. It is generally easier when in a deep interactive connection with the Lord to only relate to one facilitator. Unless the person receiving ministry wants others to join in we request other group members to watch quietly and allow the group leader to shepherd the session.
  4. Lean in lean out during debrief time: After the prayer ministry session during the debrief time, please be respectful of whether the person who received ministry wants to debrief and if so, try if possible to listen to your gut sense about what the Holy Spirit may be encouraging you to share or to keep within your own heart.
  5. Please be caring: People tend to do really well with this one but it’s important to name.
  6. Please call in from a private room/space where other people will not be listening in or walking by as this can feel uncomfortable for other participants who may be sharing vulnerable things.
  7. Please don’t drive while on the call.

Over time our workshops have developed a solid culture of welcome, safety, connection, and freedom to flow with God’s Spirit. Our main expectations are simply that we be caring toward one another, create space for one another, and remain open to what God’s Spirit is doing. We look forward to the honor of your presence.

Placement not guaranteed: Note that placement in this group is not guaranteed upon registration. If there is no room, or for some reason it does not work to join the group at this particular time, you will be fully refunded any payment you made for this group.

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