Monthly Immanuel Community Gathering

Upcoming Monthly Gathering Dates:

Jan 26/27
Jan 26, 2:30-4pm Chicago time (CST)
Equivalent Jan 26, 8:30-10 pm London
Equivalent Jan 27 , 6:30-8 am Eastern Australia Brisbane | 7.30-9am Melb/Sydney

Feb 23/24
Feb 23, 2:30-4pm Chicago time (CST)
Equivalent Feb 23, 8:30-10 pm London
Equivalent Feb 24, 6:30-8 am Eastern Australia Brisbane | 7.30-9am Melb/Sydney

Note some time adjustments for daylight savings in March

Mar 23/24
March 23, 3:30-5pm Chicago time (CDT)
Equivalent Mar 23, 8:30-10 pm London
Equivalent Mar 24 , 6:30-8 am Eastern Australia Brisbane | 7.30-9am Melb/Sydney

Note more time adjustments for daylight savings in April

Apr 20/21
Apr 20, 3:30-5pm Chicago time (CDT)
Equivalent Apr 20, 9:30-11 pm London
Equivalent Apr 21 , 6:30-8 am Eastern Australia Brisbane | 6.30-8am Melb/Sydney

May 18/19
May 18, 3:30-5pm Chicago time (CDT)
Equivalent May 18, 9:30-11 pm London
Equivalent May 19 , 6:30-8 am Eastern Australia Brisbane | 6.30-8am Melb/Sydney


Many of our workshops are based around particular themes, teachings, and goals combined with opportunities to connect with each other and with Immanuel (The God who is with us). These monthly “Open Immanuel Community Gatherings” are designed to open up even more time and space for connecting by generally having less of a focus on particular themes and more focus on having life giving connection with one another and with God. The coming Immanuel Gatherings will have the loosely held theme of “sharing gifts.” At least some of the workshops will include the opportunity for one or multiple people to share some gift they feel led to share. For example, one workshop will include the opportunity to experience combining Immanuel prayer/listening prayer and making a simple piece of art work led by someone with artistic and prayerful gifting. Those who would prefer to be in a break out group that is simply visiting and or praying versus joining in the theme of the gathering will be free to do so in a separate break out room given at least two other people also want to visit/pray. We’re looking forward to gathering with you all and experiencing all that God has for each of us as we meet.

Logistical Details:

Format: The gathering will involve a combination of time together as a large group and breaking into small groups usually of 3-5 people. Break out groups will be created so that those who want to have more of a focus on connecting with one another can be together, while those who want to have a stronger focus on prayer/engaging directly with God together can be together, (and those who want to incorporate the theme of the day can be together). Both themes of connecting with God and connecting with one another are intertwined and very important but at different times we all feel the need to focus more strongly on one or the other. Therefore we will try to honor that in the way we arrange the break out groups. Our goal is to let people communicate their preferences toward the beginning of each workshop and design the break outs accordingly.

Participation: These are “Open” gatherings so you are welcome to invite appropriate friends. 

Cost-Voluntary contribution: There is no cost to participate, but you will have the opportunity to give a contribution upon registration. We encourage you to consider giving as you are able since your gifts help cover the significant amount of time and effort it takes to organize and facilitate these gatherings. We’ve set the suggested amount at $15-30 USD per workshop. Obviously this may need to be much less depending on where you live and what your financial needs are.

Group Guidelines:

Below are a few guidelines to help the group feel as safe and connected as possible. Each person’s presence really matters in the group and these are some things that can help us all care for each other and be present to each other.

  1. Everything is optional: to promote a sense of safety all exercises are optional and voluntary.
  2. Respect confidentiality: unless someone is in danger of harm, or you have been given permission by the person to share, we ask group members to keep personal sharing by others confidential.
  3. Lean in lean out: If you tend to talk a lot, try to hold space for those who are more quiet, and if you tend to be more quiet you may try to lean in and share a little more. Try if possible to listen to your gut sense about what the Holy Spirit may is encouraging you to share or keep within your own heart.
  4. Please be caring: People tend to do really well with this one.
  5. Please call in from a private room/space where other people will not be listening in or walking by as this can feel uncomfortable for other participants who may be sharing vulnerable things.
  6. Please don’t drive while on the call.

Over time our workshops have developed a solid culture of welcome, safety, connection, and freedom to flow with God’s Spirit. Our main expectations are simply that we be caring toward one another, create space for one another, and remain open to what God’s Spirit is doing. We look forward to the honor of your presence.

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